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Now available, the IN THE AIR anthology, which includes my sci-fi story, SPORE. What happens when an alien virus infects an entire town, and nobody knows how to stop it? This story is an homage to "War of the Worlds" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."  

Available now, the "TRANSCENDENT" anthology, which includes my story, Liminal State. What happens when the nightmare realm invades your waking hours? Available in paperback and Kindle, Dec/2018.


my third-place award- winning story about a man running for his life from Cyborgs, in the far-distant future, is available at Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Dec. 2013. To read, search title. 

Please read my award- winning story, Tribbles and Woes, about what happened to Cyrano Jones after being relegated to cleaning up all the Tribbles on Space Station K-7. Published on Dec. 2016. Click on story title above, then click on FF to access story.

Above, Captain Kirk surrounded by Tribbles in "The Trouble With Tribbles." 

My very own Tribble.

Above: the prize for my award-winning story, TRIBBLES AND WOES, the Jem' Hadar spaceship from Deep Space Nine.